"I am so impressed with the wines from The Corkery, my friends take all my wine"

Ella, New Market

"the wines are amazing and so is the customer service, they even carry my wine to my car"

Frank, Richmond Hill

"I thought the wine was great, until I had Mike put it in an Oak barrel, now its better than anything I can find at the store"

Sarah, Aurora

"We had our wedding wines from The Corkery, wow what a hit, there was none left at the end of our reception, luckily Mike made us some more"

Kelly & Sam, Barrie

"The wines are superb, but the bottle washing machine is the best, takes 3 minutes to sanitize all 30 bottles"

Gord, Markham

"The Eclipse Cabernet Sauvignon is the best wine I have ever had!

Brandon, Aurora